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18 feb 2021
The visit was headed up by the association’s new regional director, Ana Belén Prado Prieto
14 sep 2020
The council have spent over €100,000 in building upgrades
10 sep 2020
The mayor met with 19 consular representatives and asked them about the health and welfare of their nationals living here
9 sep 2020
There has been a drop of €27 million in local taxes due to the freezing of payments and reductions in certain tariffs
9 sep 2020
This is a registration service only; the council does not decide on applications
4 sep 2020
Stickers with the code will be available in various shops, businesses and many public areas in the borough
4 sep 2020
With this initiative the council is working with the local commercial businesses and professionals to contribute to the recovery of the local economy