A conference focussing on women in science examined the importance of agro-ecology, innovation, and the need to encourage careers for women in technology

The University of La Laguna rector, Rosa María Aguilar Chinea, was the opening speaker during this national event held in Adeje

10 november 2022

The CDTCA, the Costa Adeje Centre for Tourism Innovation, was host to a national conference on women in science today, November 10th, organised by the Adeje Town Hall, the Innpulso network and the Ministry for science and innovation.

This is the second in a series of conferences that is valuing the role of women in science in our society. Today’s event saw representation from the boroughs that are part of the Innpulso network, from the ULL women’s studies department, the Canarian agrarian investigation unit and PCTT, the Canarian Science and Technology Park.

Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said, “I think it is so important to recognise and value the role of women in the world of science. Events and conferences such as these are important in showing us the direction we must take and the commitment we have to make to achieve equality”.

The national general secretary for innovation Teresa Riesgo Alcaide added, “today’s event shows the success of the Innpulso network. We are introducing ways to allow more women access the resources they need, that they otherwise might not get”. It was, she said, so important that women had role models too in the worlds of science and technology. “In Spain we have between 25% -30% of women with degrees in engineering architecture, IT, etc - in other words we are still falling behind in finding and using the talented women we have in the country, something we need to rectify”.

Carlos Andrés Navarro Martínez, co-president of the Innpulso network and deputy mayor of Viladecans said, “There is still much to do in the push for equality in science, above all the need to reflect well on the part women play in sciences. We are working to encourage future generations to think positively about a career in science – technology, mathematics, physics, all impact on sustainability, hugely important today, and it is vitally important that the scientific community continues to grow, and for that to happen we need more women scientists”.

The ULL rector, and engineer, Rosa María Aguilar Chinea addressed the conference on the need to move towards more sustainable energy sources, addressing the issues of energy production, transport, distribution and consumption.

There were a series of round tables during the daylong event, on sustainable agro-ecology, on innovation in the world of science and business, and on the need to encourage more women to look at careers in science.