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14 sep 2022
Registration can be done online or at the CDTCA
14 sep 2022
The Ocean Cross is a very attractive sporting option for runners
12 sep 2022
Activities will be free and the public can register online as there will be limited numbers
23 aug 2022
Adeje council has listed a number of young people from the borough who have distinguished themselves in sport, literature, volunteer work, creative arts, etc.
22 aug 2022
15 people will take the course and receive professional certification when complete
19 aug 2022
70% of those who completed the first course are now in paid work
18 aug 2022
More than 250 people enjoyed Komorebi-con 2022, an event for fans of anime, manga, k-pop, gaming and much more
16 aug 2022
The aim is to create job prospects for those currently seeking work who meet the requirements of the Bahía Príncipe Hotels & Resorts chain