DEGUSTA.ME has been holding a health food workshop

The event showed how opting for health, balanced, and sustainable menus can help avoid certain illnesses

9 november 2022
As part of this year’s Degusta.Me Adeje gastronomy month a healthy eating workshop was held this week offering participants alternatives to healthier more balanced and sustainable menus at home, which can help avoid certain ailments.
This was a theory/practical training event with those taking part being given a dossier of health recipes with new and different ways to prepare daily menus for the family, making meal time more fun and tastier for everyone. 
The workshop was held in the CDTCA, organised by the departments of economic development and employment, and of health, under councillors Raquel Rodríguez Alonso and Amada Trujillo Bencomo respectively. The health councillor underlined the importance of healthy dietary habits in the fight against obesity, the cause of many health issues such as heart problems and diabetes, as well as worrying blood pressure levels. 
The workshop was in two sessions. The theoretical part outlined the importance of nutritional balance in our daily intake, and how a balanced diet was fundamental in maintaining our health and fighting against diseases. The second part was practical, with participants working on a series of recipes, learning new techniques in the kitchen, both in preparation, choosing healthier ingredients, and cooking alternatives.  All the produce used in the workshop was sourced in the Adeje Farmers Market. 
The course leaders are professionals in the area, Érica Sánchez, a nutritionist, and Paola Peñherrera, an eco-chef and culinary teacher, both from the Smart Food Yanuq company, accompanied on the course by Diana Marcelino, the chef from Secreto de Chimiche, and chef Patricia Abreu.