Leisure / Culture
3 jan 2022
The Royal route will be a continuous one without any stops and last 5 hours
17 dec 2021
There is a limit on those who can attend but the concert will be broadcast live on the council’s social networks and Radio Sur Adeje 107.9 FM
16 dec 2021
From 5pm in the Adeje school of Music carpark the open-air market will offer stalls, entertainment and workshops
16 dec 2021
Arts and crafts, health and wellness, textile work, office automation, and more
15 dec 2021
240 kilos of chocolate has been used to create this nativity scene on display in the Adeje CDTCA (Centre for Tourism Development Costa Adeje)
11 dec 2021
The works, created by local school children and their families, are on display to the public until December 20th
9 dec 2021
Plaza Salytien, December 10th, 11th, 12th, 7pm
7 dec 2021
Programme for events over the Christmas season