Adeje reiterates full support for the rights of children with a week of activities

The Department for children and families works all year around with the “Parentalidad Positiva” (positive parenting) project

14 november 2022
Adeje council’s Department of community welfare, under Councillor Mercedes Vargas Delgado, has orgasnied a series of activities in the lead up to the celebration of World Children’s Day on November 20th.  The events began last weekend with a meeting of those who use the centre for functional diversity, and will conclude on the 27th of this month with a theatrical productions, “El circo de los insectos”.  Full details of the programme of events is online (in Spainsh),
The councillor underlined how important is was “that the work we are doing continues to defend and protects the rights of all children.  Our department began the 
Parentalidad Positiva/Positive parenting programme, with the aim of co-ordinating cross-departmental actions throughout the year”.   She explained that the programme has also held “parallel training for staff of the council who are dealing with children and working to always improve the level of attention they offer to children and families in the borough, promoting, too, equality of treatment.”
Today, Monday November 14th, a new programme is also under way in conjunction with the Department of sports, where people can go to the Las Torres pavilion from 4pm to 8pm this week and, on exercise bikes, ‘pedal for rights” for children. There will also be a mural created by participants.
Adeje’s department of youth are also involved, with the creation of a large banner which is being hung outside the Convento on the Calle Grande.  In this way the department is also including and valuing the opinions and creativity of our young people who wish to contribute to raising social awareness of the rights and needs of children. 
The department for special needs has produced a video, in collaboration with the School of Music and Dance, about the rights of children and the benefits of music therapy.  The video can be seen on the Adeje Ayuntamiento YouTube channel, and social media.  It examines the use of music as therapy, in promoting personal wellbeing, and much more.  The School of Music and Dance have also created a podcast “Piano, canto, batería, bajo… y muy buen rollo” which you can download from November 17th
The Department for ecological transition is also involved in related events, with a workshop for families about the worth of gardens/kitchen gardens at home.  The objective of the workshop is to also help families see how they can help reduce the impact their lives and homes have on climate change. This is taking place in the Centre for Citizen Participation on November 16th, 5pm - 6.30pm. 
Radio Sur Adeje 107.9 FM will host a live programme from the CDTCA, in conjunction with the Department for participation.  
The department for community welfare is also, in partnership with the Asociación Domitila, hosting a ‘Gymkhana’ for children’s rights’, a free afternoon of events for kids on Friday November 18th in the CDTCA, and children from the council’s own crèche, El Duendecillo Azul will also be doing a photo call outside the centre.