The Gastro Foro Acyre 2022 held in Adeje underlined the importance of vegetable proteins

The event was part of the November gastronomy agenda Degusta.Me

16 november 2022

Yesterday Adeje hosted a day-long event on alternative proteins, 100% vegetarian, with debate and information on sustainable and vegetarian gastronomy.  The event was organised by Acyre Canarias, directed at professionals in the sector.

Raquel Rodríguez Alonso, councillor for economic development, said, "meetings like this one are essential in getting to know the needs of the restaurant sector, to help us prepare the necessary tools that will allow Adeje gastronomy continue to evolve". She also said it was important to continue to encourage the use of locally grown produce.  Tourism councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera was also present at the opening talk, stressing the importance of gastronomy as part of the overall tourism offer. 

Pablo Pastor, president of Acyre, the Canarian association of chefs and pastry chefs, explained that the event grew out of a need to promote "how vegetable proteins can be part of top class cuisine".  He said that there was also a great opportunity to boost local produce. 

Juan Carlos Clemente, a chef and 5 star hotel assessor, spoke of the changing trends in cookery and food preparation, "bit by bit meat and fish are being substituted by vegetables and legumes".  He said that there were an increasing number of clients who had food allergies or who didn't eat animal products, and "they are simply not happy with a plate of vegetables, they need something equally interesting and inviting as a plate of meat or fish": 

During the day there were a number of different themes discussed, on sustainability in gastronomy, the use of beans and spices in Arab cooking, why the humble potato is much more that an identity symbol.  Participants enjoyed a vegetarian lunch with wines from the island and the afternoon closed with a workshop on avocado and Tenerife honeys.