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16 apr 2020
Adeje’s residents will be able to check in real time what businesses are open or closed, the services they are offering, delivery options, where they are, opening hours and payment facilities
14 apr 2020
Making sure we’re all pulling our weight at home
13 apr 2020
Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga and his team are intensifying the work in combating the coronavirus to ensure more vulnerable members of society are not at unnecessary risk
13 apr 2020
Explaining what it happening and that it isn't forever
10 apr 2020
Photocopied material is being distributed to families who have no computers, printers or access to the internet
9 apr 2020
The idea, which reflects a growing demand by the public, is to create a list of those home-delivery services in the borough who are working at this time. It’s free to join the network, details on the council’s webpage.
7 apr 2020
Help create a directory of businesses operating home delivery services during the state of emergency
7 apr 2020
The local authorities remind the population that the best way to halt the spread of the virus is to respect the quarantine measures