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7 may 2020
After 7 weeks indoors deciding to go out and exercise has risks, so a few precautions for the general population have been outlined by the national sports council
7 may 2020
The Municipal Consumers Office in Adeje can help
4 may 2020
Phase 0 – Preparation for de-escalation - Small businesses and shops and service providers
30 apr 2020
There will be a motion brought to the next council meeting stating that the provision of culture is a primary necessity
30 apr 2020
The tradition was revived in Adeje in 2012
29 apr 2020
There are 4 phases on the road to de-escalation of the Covid-19 confinement
27 apr 2020
UTE Ascan Torrabonaf has three teams working morning, noon and night
21 apr 2020
The Heritage department of Adeje, with Councillor Juan Desiderio Afonzo Ruiz, have been looking back at plagues and illnesses that have affected Adeje over the centuries