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31 mar 2020
During the state of emergency the victims of domestic violence need to be protected
30 mar 2020
During 2019 the service saved consumers over €150,000
28 mar 2020
Lights along the main beaches and outside municipal buildings will be turned off for an hour this evening
27 mar 2020
The service is operating via telephone 922 75 62 49 and email, and
26 mar 2020
Aqualia Entemanser has dealt with 3 tons of blockages and a number of leaks in the Siam Park and Los Menores areas where urgent repair work was needed
24 mar 2020
Mass in Adeje this Wednesday
23 mar 2020
Care of the elderly in Adeje is adapting and reinforcing services given the new circumstances
20 mar 2020
The blood donation point in at the Escuela de Seguridad y Convivencia de Adeje, in Calle Beneharo