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18 oct 2021
These are free to attend and open to all
13 oct 2021
The women come from various walks of life – the arts, science, politics, sport, etc.
8 oct 2021
Classes run from November 2021 to February 2022
8 oct 2021
The event brings 30 local, national and international experts together to look at the challenges and opportunities of the booming sector
7 oct 2021
The designation was made by the Canarian blood donation institute and the regional government authorities
6 oct 2021
The initiative is part of the Department of economic development
4 oct 2021
“We believe this is a key element for the development and proper functioning of the security body”: Mercedes Vargas Delgado
1 oct 2021
Dogs from different security units recently stayed in the Adeje centre for abandoned animals during a series of training days