Adeje hosted the national Philosophy Olympics

93 students from all over Spain took part in the event

3 may 2023
The Adeje CDTCA hosted the Philosophy X Olimpiada Filosófica (Philosophy Olympics) with almost 100 secondary school students from all over Spain here in Adeje participating in the event. The organisation of the event was under the auspices of the Cabildo department of youth and education in collaboration with the Adeje council
This is the first time the event has taken place in the Canary Islands, and brings together secondary school students in 3rd and 4th year and those studying for the Bachillerato, and this year the theme is that of frontiers and global justice, with debates on globalisation, immigration and justice.  Winning students will have demonstrated the ability to debate and confront global issues, philosophical problems with a clear repercussion on today’s world. There are four phases over the two day event, resolution of moral dilemmas (for 3th and 4th year secondary students), a philosophical dissertation (Bachillerato students), a philosophy photography competition (all students) and a philosophy video competition (all students).
The judges were chosen from the teachers from the different regions, with educators Concha Roldán, Antonio Campillo, Víctor Bermúdez, and Paula Bilbao (documentary director).   


¿Cómo se enmarca la justicia?: Juan Jesús González Marquez (Andalusia)
¿Es la justicia universal o es un lujo sólo para algunos?: Noelia Sanz de la O (Madrid) 
¿Merece la pena dividirnos en fronteras?: Yasmina El Hachem Mohamed Ramdhane (Canarias)
Frontera. Espacio. Ilusión (Catalunya): Paula Fernández Coll, Lucía Guerrero Tapia, Andrea Codino Romero and Judith Liu
Argonautas (Extremadura): Carlota Maya González, Daniel Lebrato Dieste  and Álvaro Martín Rodríguez
Doura Contess / Silogismo disyuntiva (La Rioja): Julia Martínez Alfaro, Inés de Miota and Miriam Abazova
Moral dilemas:
Xabier Villanueva Calvo (Navarra)
Alicia Parrilla Olano (La Rioja)
Llucia Nicolau Vicens (Balearics)

Philosophical dissertation:
Irene Salillas Martínez (La Rioja)
Sofía Palacios García (Cantabria)
Ángela Marco Cueva (Aragón)
As well as the competition there were parallel events, a food tasting of local Adeje produce, and live Canarian music. The Burka Theatre company performed ‘Valiente’ in the Plaza de España for the group of visitors as well and there were more recreational events including a picnic in La Lajas and a guided trip to Teide and a farewell dinner in Costa Adeje. 
The event was co-sponsored by the Adeje council, the Tenerife department of education and youth, the regional department of innovation and education and the University of La Laguna, organised by the OFE, the REF and the Canarian Association for the Philosophy Olympics.