Adeje is continuing with the work on reforming homes of the most vulnerable in the borough

8 may 2023
The project also sees training and work for people who have been long-term unemployed or at risk of social exclusion
Adeje council’s Department for economic development and employment, and the Cruz Roja, are continuing with the housing reformation programme, improving homes for the most vulnerable people in the borough through the ‘Adeje Recuperación 2023’ project.
The work began at the end of March, and has a double strand, helping those considered among the more vulnerable members of our society, and those of working age who are most at risk of social exclusion through lack of training, long-term unemployed, etc. 
There are 12 people in the team, and all have received professional training, one of the fundamental pillars of this programme. In April they finished a 60-hour course in basic plumbing, with theory and practical training.  The team learnt to use different materials and techniques which will be used during the reformation works.  They have been able to use the training to expand their expertise in the sector and gain experience which, it is hoped, will help them find work in the future. 
The homes that are currently being upgraded are seeing work on improving accessibility, health and habitation standards, leading to a better quality of life for the residents.