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16 apr 2024
This fair will last for a week, happening in different locations around the town
7 apr 2024
The importance of health promotion and protection is part of the Adeje programme of events
1 apr 2024
The aim is to highlight the cultural richness of the more than 120 nationalities that live in peace together in our municipality, thus strengthening community ties between people
29 mar 2024
For another year running the Adeje Passion play brings the last moments of the life of Jesus of Nazareth to the Calle Grande
27 mar 2024
A new dialogue scene between Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and other women, as they walk together, has been added to the presentation
11 mar 2024
Full details of events taking place in Adeje this East
10 mar 2024
Adeje awards the Abinque prize annually to a woman or women who make a difference
8 mar 2024
Under the slogan "Let's do it together", Adeje Town Hall underlines the importance of women and men working together to achieve significant progress towards real equality