Ana Oneida Borges opens the festivities

The Los Olivos Festival is under way

5 july 2024
For the next two weeks the Adeje public can look to social, cultural and sporting celebrations of one of the most important events in the Adeje calendar.
The hoisting of the flag, the official proclamation by Ana Oneida Borges Medina, a parade of the candidates for the various festival representatives, and the presence of the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga were all part of the ceremony to launch the 2024 Fiestas de Los Olivos, in honour of the Virgen del Carmen and San José.  This fiesta is considered one of the two most important festive events in the region along with the Adeje October patronal events and ‘Romería’. 
The opening ceremonies took place in the Plaza de Antonio Moreira Bua, known as the Plaza de Los Olivos, and included invited guests from previous years, members of the Adeje school of music and dance, and a performance by Besay Rodríguez.
The mayor thanked all those who were there and those who had worked to make the celebrations possible, which "in some way", he said,  "mark the beginning of the festive calendar,  culminating in October with the patron saint festivities".  For the mayor this is a place "that represents the modern Adeje, a place where tolerance and civility are expected and these fiestas are an example of all this. So I congratulate all the neighbours and thank them". 
These fiestas bring together residents new and old, people who are newer arrivals alongside families that have lived here for generations, all who “who love this town, our town.”
Ana Oneida Borges, who made the opening address, is, known for her strong ties with the community and her commitment to the  neighbourhood,  and plays the role of the Virgin Mary in the annual Good Friday ‘La Pasión’ performance.  She is also a member of the Municipal School of Folklore group.  Last year’s speaker, Ermitas Moreira García, praised her for her dynamism and  activity in Los Olivos and in the social and cultural life of Adeje. 
Ana Borges Medina thanked those present for this opportunity to "share this significant moment for her and her family."   She went on to invite the public to join her on a journey through "the memories and experiences that have shaped the history of Los Olivos".  She spoke of the evolution of Los Olivos from humble beginnings, its growth and development, which has led it to become one of the nerve centres of Adeje.  She remembered how, together,  the neighbours built the church, the square and the kiosk, key elements in the identity of Los Olivos, featuring in this year’s poster for the festivities. She also stressed the importance of not forgetting the roots and history of the neighbourhood, a good basis for continuing to build a better future. 
The mayor presented her with a painting by Conrado Díaz of her father, Pedro Borges, who was a much loved and well-known Los Olivos resident. Moved by the surprise presentation, Ana highlighted the importance of the family and the neighbourhood as fundamental pillars  of personal and collective development. She fondly remembered her parents and grandparents, who left a deep mark. 
One of the most moving moments of the evening was when Ana Borges Medina spoke of childhood memories in Los Olivos, describing everyday scenes that highlighted the close relationship between neighbours and family, especially her sister María Esther.
The Los Olivos fiestas continue with a varied programme of activities for all ages, including musical performances, sporting events and more traditional processions.  The full programme, (subject to change) can found online here: