Agoney will be the main speaker during events marking Pride Day in Adeje.

There will also be a cooking workshop, a live podcast, artists and writers

24 june 2024
The presentation of the ‘Aeje Diversa’ Service for the LGTBIQ+ community was held on June 24th, where the programme of activities for Pride Day was also released. The programme is titled “Orgullo del Sur, Orgullo de Familias" (Pride of the South, Family Pride), with events taking place on Friday June 28th from 5pm in the School of Music car park.   Singer Agoney is the main speaker at the event and there will also be an appearance from humorist Omayra Cazorla.
“Orgullo del Sur, Orgullo de Familias" is part of the "Adeje Diversa" Project, an initiative committed to the visibility, vindication and normalisation of diversity in families and LGTBI+ realities. The programme of activities on Friday, 28th June, will focus on family workshops, recreational and creative spaces for everyone, with various crafts and creative workshops.
There will also be a cooking workshop, a live podcast, artists and writers; children's storytelling on diversity, led by Charlie Marrero and comedy with Omayra Cazorla and her monologue "I was straight too".
The presentation was attended by councillor for health, Esther Rivero Vargas, equality councillor José Antonio López Delgado, Laura Cuaresma, worker and social trainer with the Adeje Diversa project, Carlos J. Savoie Pérez, a nurse and social integrator of the Infosex project, and Elena Bethencourt, writer and poet, and winner of the XIII National Poetry Prize "Charo Gómez".
Both councillors agreed that "Adeje promotes equality as a tool for improvement and innovation in public services, encouraging the participation and involvement of social actors in the creation of actions".
A series of activities are planned under the Adeje Diversa umbrella, alongside the recently approved Adeje II Plan for Equal Opportunities, which acknowledges the multiple variables that affect people, such as ethnicity, age, disability, sexual and gender diversity.

Adeje Diversa Project:
The Adeje Diversa Project offers a Psychosocial Care service for LGTBI+ people and their families, coordinating equality and diversity in all areas of the council. 
Among the actions included in this project are psychological care, employment guidance, educational intervention with talks aimed at students and their families, as well as teachers, as well as work sessions focussing on self-esteem, communication, etc. Hundreds of people have already benefited from these programmes.  There are also projects and activities such as  cooking, creative painting, escape rooms, and cinema forum workshops. In total, more than eight hundred people have benefited from the Adeje Diversa project, which has a permanent contact number, 687 22 36 72  and email:

Infor sex Adeje Project 
This service, which combines a sexual information point with rapid tests for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis C, has been running for 11 years. In the last 4 years, it has provided care to more than 1,100 people in preventive consultations and has given sex health classes to 2,500  young people through school programmes. In addition, it has provided counselling to more than 100 people living with HIV.  Its aim is to facilitate prevention, early detection and intervention for these infections. The service is completely confidential and free of charge, and serves the entire region of South Tenerife.