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7 dec 2023
Details of the LXVIII Congreso Nacional de Coctelería
1 dec 2023
This year more than 2,500 tapas were enjoyed
27 nov 2023
The foodie event is taking place along the Calle Grande and in Plaza de España this coming Saturday December 2 from 4pm to 1am
23 nov 2023
This year there is a Tapa Train too, running through the main commercial zone, making 6 stops during each run
21 nov 2023
You can enjoy great food on the go, with music and other fun activities
16 nov 2023
This weekend the Plaza Salytien will host the is three-day festival, presented in English and Spanish
3 nov 2023
New additions include a ‘train’ service for the tapas route, workshops with top Michelin chefs, and the XVII Honey fair
31 oct 2023
There will be different performances throughout November