The ''Adeje Healthy Municipality'' programme comes to an end

The aim of this initiative was to provide guidance on healthy eating, emotional wellbeing, physical activity, social relations and the prevention of tobacco consumption

21 june 2024
The Adeje Council’s department of health under councillor  Esther Rivero Vargas, has successfully completed the "Adeje, Healthy Municipality" programme, which is designed along the lines of the World Health Organisation (WHO) principles. Initiatives under this programme began on April 7th, World Health Day, where a series of activities aimed at transforming Adeje into a healthier municipality began.
The programme, which ran from 4 April to 29 May 2024, offered a wide variety of activities for both the adult and school-going population. These activities addressed key health-related topics such as healthy eating, emotional well-being, physical activity, social relationships, and smoking and vaping prevention.
The programme was carried out in conjunction with dedicated professionals, patient associations, and other bodies dedicated to educating, caring for and protecting the health of the residents of Adeje.  
Councillor Rivero Varga underlined the municipality's commitment to health and wellbeing through programmes such as this, stating that "we seek not only to improve the health of the Adeje community, but also to encourage healthy lifestyle habits from an early age".
In total, eight events were organised for the adult population (30-80 years of age) with over 300 residents taking part. Included in the programmes were laughter therapy and emotional health, nutrition in menopause, active and biological aging, writing and memory, healthy living habits, healthy bones, and creating smoothies with raw plant foods. 
The programme was also extended to the primary and secondary schools in Adeje. Workshops on healthy breakfasts were held for students in the 6th class from the Los Olivos, Las Torres, Fañabé, Armeñime and Tijoco and Adeje town schools.
Secondary school students had workshops on the dangers of smoking and vaping, held in association with the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) and the Adeje department of health. The workshops were attended by  463 students aged between 12 and 14.
The councillor said that the Adeje, Healthy Municipality programme had been a resounding success, achieving a high level of participation and awareness of crucial issues for the health of the community. The council will continue to promote actions for the wellbeing and health of the population during the last quarter of 2024, reaffirming its commitment to a healthier and more conscious Adeje.