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16 jun 2021
Following the full tests, the four beaches submitted by the council for approval were awarded this important quality certificate on Troya I and II, El Duque, and La Enramada beaches
10 jun 2021
50 swimmers are taking part in an accredited pre-Olympic event this weekend in Adeje
4 jun 2021
The meetings looked at future configurations in the tourism industry and joint ventures in the post-pandemic world
28 may 2021
The park will open three days a week for the time being
20 may 2021
The member associations are promoting unity of purpose at the annual travel fair
14 may 2021
The tour on June 12th will be in English
11 may 2021
The Council was granted the beach awards for Troya I and II, Duque and La Enramada beaches
30 apr 2021
Adeje council have announced a series of mountain walks around the island