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17 jan 2024
The main events are on Saturday 20th January from 12 noon in the Plaza de San Sebastian in La Caleta
15 jan 2024
Programme of events to mark the traditional celebration of San Sebastián, co-patron saint of the municipality of Adeje
7 dec 2023
Details of the LXVIII Congreso Nacional de Coctelería
21 nov 2023
You can enjoy great food on the go, with music and other fun activities
16 nov 2023
This weekend the Plaza Salytien will host the is three-day festival, presented in English and Spanish
31 oct 2023
Adeje will host this swimwear fashion event on the 1st, 3rd and 4th of November
27 oct 2023
"These will be important days, when we will discuss the most immediate challenges we must face ..."