La Pasión, the film, will be broadcast on April 15th on TCV, Mirame TV, Canal 4 Tenerife, 13 TV and Canal 10TV

There are still some tickets left to attend the live screening in the Plaza España ( or you can follow it on the council social networks

13 april 2022
This year, 25 years after it was first performed on the streets of Adeje, La Pasión, the Good Friday production, returns to Adeje after a 2 year break due to the pandemic, and this year it’s a hybrid cinema/live action production.  The story leading up to the live action in the Plaza has been filmed and can be seen in parallel with the live screening on Televisión Canaria and the council’s social networks.  Following the event it will be repeated on Mirame TV, Canal 4 Tenerife, Canal 10TV and 13 TV nationally.
The film lasts an hour, and will be followed directly by a continuation of the story live in the Plaza España with the meeting of Jesus and his mother and the crucifixion. There will be two giant screens in place in the plaza for those who have tickets to attend the event. 
300 people have participated in the making of the film and the final productions including the crew and cast, and personnel from the Adeje council, with the overall responsibility that of  Mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the councillor for culture María Clavijo Maza and the production and coordination under the supervision of the head of the department, Alberto Álvarez.  The director is Abraham Gómez Rosales, a well-known stage and screen professional.  Head of lighting and photography was
 Gabriel García, sound was René Martín, costumes, Dolores González Saavedra, scenery and props, Juan Correa and Roberto Melo, script, Cinthia Maan, hair, Víctor Herrera, make-up Agustín Padrón (Skippy).   The production team are from A4K Film Producciones and OSSO Audiovisuales, with Juan Antonio Rincón and Óscar Sosa behind the cameras. The Communications Department have also produced a ‘making of’ film, under the guidance of Jose Miguel Chinea, Sebastián Hernández and Mónica Radován.  
Chronology of a film!
In early January the decision was taken to proceed with a filming of most of La Pasión and the director was appointed and locations chosen. For the first time there was a public casting for the main roles and over 160 people attended.  All of those in the film are amateur actors.  Jose Antonio López is reviving the role of Jesus, but says it will be the last time he plays the part.  Mary is played by Ana Niebla, Bruno Negri is Pontius Pilate, Claudia is played by Mónica Panizzi, Roberto Melo López is Caiaphas, Mary Magdalene is played by Nadejde Susana, and Herod by Jordan J. Marín Elejardes, with Esmeralda Valle Méndez Darias as Herodias.
Rehearsals took place during the first weeks of March and filming in the second half of the month.  The finished result will, in years to come, be an excellent heritage resource for the borough too, given the incredible choice of settings chosen around the borough for different scenes to match the story within the film. Scenes were shot in 
Teresme, Boca del Paso, Camino de la Virgen, Playa de La Enramada, Diego Hernández, La Quinta and Tijoco La Hoya.   Among the building exterior and interiors used were the Casa Fuerte, the San Francisco Convento, Aqualand and the El Mirador and Bahía del Duque hotels.  The Mount of Olives was recreated in the Finca Noel, which is also an excellent olive oil production zone.