The AMTC opens dialogue with businesses

The Canarian tourism borough association was meeting in Pájara in Fuerteventura

3 june 2022

 The AMTC, the Association of Canarian Tourism Boroughs, held a general meeting in Pájara in Fuerteventura this Thursday, and subsequently met collectively with tourism business leaders.  The sector meeting is the first the association have held since their formation, and worked to open avenues for dialogue in the future.

Association president Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga presented a series of projects designed to encourage future tourism and its transformation.  Also taking part where mayors of the associate members, including Pájara mayor Pedro Armas and the president of the Fuerteventura Cabildo Sergio Lloret.  Armas pointed to the importance of "listening to big and smaller businesses: it is really relevant for us to receive working proposals from both private and public bodies". 

Rodríguez Fraga commented that "tourism was going through a better moment, but we could not forget that we are emerging from bad times, from a pandemic that served to show us that value of tourism for us.  Today we are exceeding the tourism figures we enjoyed pre-Covid 19, not just in tourist numbers but in what they are spending too".  He also stressed the importance of sustainability in growth.

The Cabildo president said "tourism is the most important business we have in the Canary Islands and its proper development depends on us.  It is important that the different administrations work in a coordinated manner. Our destination has recovered but so have thsoe of our competitors, so we have to improve competitivity and consolidate the growth."

"We are a world power in the tourism sector", said the mayor of Santiago del Teide, Emilio Navarro, adding that the alliance with the business sector was very important as it was there that employment was created.