Summer of Inclusivity

The Los Olivos Diversity Care Centre offers a specialised summer camp

8 july 2024

 Adeje Town Council’s department of Community Welfare and Diversity, is running a specialised summer camp for people with functional diversity at the Los Olivos Diversity Care Centre throughout July, from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.

“This service is designed to provide support and assistance to families during the summer period, offering a reconciliation option adapted to children with functional diversity,” explains the councillor in charge, Raquel Rodríguez Alonso.

Under the theme of ‘Jurassic Summer’ the activities are based on the world of dinosaurs. Among the games and activities included are Dinopotato, wild circuit, catch the wing (handkerchief game), draw your dinosaur, and meteorite dodgeball, in addition to many other fun activities with bouncy castles.

The camp has been designed for 25 children, regular users of the various therapies that the Los Olivos Diversity Care Centre offers throughout the year. This service not only aims to entertain but also to promote the personal and social development of its participants in an inclusive and safe environment.

Additionally, users of the centre's Occupational Workshop are participating in various summer activities, including trips to the beach, visits to shopping centres, and lunches in picnic areas, promoting integration and the enjoyment of different experiences during the summer months.