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9 mar 2021
At a recent meeting members of the corporation and the consulate agreed to work together to resolve a number of issues that EU exit changes may be causing
8 mar 2021
The prize is given annually to an individual or group of women who have, through their work and dedication, advanced the movement for real equality between women and men
5 mar 2021
The courses are organised by Proyecto Hombre over a series of workshops during March
3 mar 2021
All the activities will be following the established health protocols
2 mar 2021
Up to 130 people will benefit from the two schemes
1 mar 2021
The objective is to co-ordinate local resources
26 feb 2021
All the councillors will be taking part in marking this important date which symbolises women’s struggle for full participation within society
25 feb 2021
The council have spent €3 million and are hoping to have created 400 job opportunities during this year