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3 jun 2024
The talks, in Spanish, under the title “La Sinfonía del mañana” will be on the morning of June 13th in the Adeje Auditorium
31 may 2024
Up to seven thousand kilos of salt, marmolina, sand and volcanic earth will be used to create the carpets
17 may 2024
On May 23rd at 78pm, in the Adeje Auditorium
16 may 2024
The aim of the Prima network is to improve the quality of life and guarantee equality and respect
15 may 2024
It is the first official visit of the General to the municipality
15 may 2024
The day will end with a free concert in the Plaza de España on Saturday night from 8pm
15 may 2024
Adeje Town Hall seeks to promote family coexistence with the Lazos Project and specifically with a campaign for 5th and 6th class primary students
14 may 2024
The new plan will work to meet the demands of a growing population here