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28 feb 2023
The document outlines a series of actions that will see the incorporation of more books by women with special attention given to Canarian women in literature
27 feb 2023
Events celebrating Easter in Adeje
24 feb 2023
The Adeje annual sports gala also paid tribute to the borough clubs, projects, initiatives and athletes who were active during 2022
24 feb 2023
The course, Classroom, will be offered free in the borough during March
23 feb 2023
Students have received two certificates and a number of training diplomas
22 feb 2023
The first session will be on Thursday March 9th and deals with tolerance and frustration within the family unit
22 feb 2023
Following 11 months of training students have been awarded a number of professional certificates
21 feb 2023
The project is a tool to help the education community work on series of activities and use available resources