Workshop on caring for urban cat colonies

This is for both cat carers and the public in general

5 july 2024
You are invited to a workshop on caring for urban cat colonies, in Spanish and English,organised by the Adeje Cat Welfere area and the Colegio de Veterinarios de Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
There will be simultaneous translation into English during the workhshop
The workshop will deal with important issues such as:
Introducing a law protecting animal welfare that will be used by both public administration and the general public.
Information on cat colonies – feeding, particular characteristics, etc
The 5 Animal Freedoms (food and water, appropriate surroundings, health, emotional wellbeing, freedom to be the animals they are)
The CER method (translated – Capture, Sterilisation, Return)
o Explaining how this is carried out
o Things the general public can do to help
This is a free public event, on Thursday July 11th, 5pm, in the CDTCA