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11 apr 2023
The event will be on April 20th in the CDTCA from 9am
5 apr 2023
Hotrec is the umbrella association of national hotel trade associations
5 apr 2023
The figures were released by the AMTC, the association of tourism municipalities
4 apr 2023
The event brings together job seekers and potential employers in different sectors
22 mar 2023
There is now an automated data processor in operation, with video interpretation using sign language available as well as preferential treatment for the over-65s
17 mar 2023
“We are putting this new infrastructure at the service of the people of Adeje, and the people of Tenerife”
15 mar 2023
Thanks to the work of the office members of the public have successfully reclaimed €217,343
15 mar 2023
The event is running until March 17th in the CDTCA, with a huge range of professional and learning options at different levels