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11 mar 2022
The aim of the trade fair was to united job-seekers with potential employers
2 mar 2022
The initiative is part of an integrated economic strategy for Adeje
1 mar 2022
The event will take place in Siam fall on 10th of March from 10am and is open to all
24 feb 2022
The mayor and the councillor for good governance presented the municipal accounts and estimates for the year
21 feb 2022
Gehocan is the most important human resources company in the Canaries
16 feb 2022
The roof of the Adeje School of Music and Dance is now covered with solar panels which will benefit local residents who can avail of clean energy
15 feb 2022
The UK Ambassador to Spain Hugh Elliott hopes that British tourists will be back
9 feb 2022
This is a co-funded project, with the council, the Cabildo and the regional and national governments contributing