The 48 people working with the local Social Employment scheme are working on the improvement of various parts of Adeje

The project employs people at risk of exclusion in the municipality

21 february 2024

Adeje council’s department of economy and employment recently launched a project with teams working on “improvements in accessibility and the general conditioning of Adeje", part of the Social Employment Program (PES). The objective of the plan is to facilitate the insertion of people at risk of social exclusion in Adeje into the workforce, helping them meet economic and social needs.

As part of the project, 48 people were hired to work in specific areas, from manual labour to more technical jobs.  The teams are carrying out work that is divided into two lines of action: on the one hand, work aimed at removing architectural barriers in Adeje, and on the other road improvement, work on playgrounds, on green areas, in schools and other infrastructures. Some of the specific areas include working in the Adeje Central Park productive forest and the continuation of the work of eradication of invasive plants in the municipality’s public spaces.

The team members will rotate through all the work assignments so that they can learn each of the skills needed for the jobs included in the project, and be eligible for a higher degree of qualification which will subsequently help them re-enter the workplace.

The project budget is €1,161,613, with the funding coming from Adeje council and the Canary Islands Employment Service.