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6 jul 2021
The administration of grants will be open until July 16th online, through the Adeje council website
5 jul 2021
In recent months about 200 kg of fresh produce has been distributed in the borough
25 jun 2021
The stamp is the result of a working project in conjunction with the University of La Laguna and the Canarian Foundation for the control of tropical diseases, working to prevent future pandemics
24 jun 2021
The goal of the grants is to reactivate and energise the local sector building employment and economic activity
23 jun 2021
Registration is now open online,
22 jun 2021
The goal is to extend aid and resources to strengthen the business model and entrepreneurship in Adeje
21 jun 2021
The courses, in water safety and in animation were run by the PFAE
15 jun 2021
The course is taking place in the CDTCA from June 28th to July 2nd