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23 nov 2021
The Alliance of Tourism Municipalities (AMT) and the AMTC, the association of Canarian tourism boroughs, came together to plan strategy for the future
17 nov 2021
The council is working to promote activities and raise awareness about recycling and reduction of waste materials
12 nov 2021
As part of the training, participants will be able to enter directly into the labour market in data analysis
12 nov 2021
The programme is designed to help people re-enter the labour market
8 nov 2021
The programme is for those interested in building an innovative and/or digital business
3 nov 2021
The competition is part of a national event and took place with 18 bakers
2 nov 2021
The Tapas Route will run from November 26th to December 8th
1 nov 2021
This project has two goals: to aid job seekers find work and renovate the homes of families and individuals at risk