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22 apr 2022
The hotel will provide accommodation for those who meet the job requirements
22 apr 2022
On this day, assigned as International Mother Earth Day by the UN, we are working to raise awarness about climate change, biodiversity conservation, and contamination
5 apr 2022
There will be over 100 courses on offer in the coming months
26 mar 2022
The recent event was held in the Azores and concentrated on digitalisation and innovation in micro and small businesses
23 mar 2022
The council is repaving in different parts of the borough, both residential and tourist
16 mar 2022
During March there are two training programmes for innovation in business and on-line communication
11 mar 2022
The initiative has two aims – jobs and training for those at risk of social exclusion and renovation of homes for those who have few resources
11 mar 2022
The aim of the trade fair was to united job-seekers with potential employers