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31 oct 2023
The form to submit opinions and suggestions in Spanish) is available on the front page of the municipal website
27 oct 2023
"These will be important days, when we will discuss the most immediate challenges we must face ..."
21 oct 2023
Students in higher education and higher professional training cycles may apply
20 oct 2023
€100,000 has been earmarked for the grants, averaging €149 per pupil.
19 sep 2023
The team previously played in Granadilla
6 sep 2023
The president of the Association, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, underlined the importance of continuing to defend a sector on which the social progress of the Canary Islands depends.
31 aug 2023
The refurbishment, extension and improvement works on schools have been carried out by a staff of more than 60 people
11 aug 2023
In the most recent council session the free transfer of the land to the Canarian housing institute was agreed