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21 feb 2023
The aim is to improve commercial zones in the borough’s tourist area through the introduction of new technologies
17 feb 2023
How do you see tourism evolving in Adeje?
16 feb 2023
The main work of the lab is to guarantee the quality of the water supply in the borough
14 feb 2023
The students in training were able to visit the bars and restaurants in the hotel
8 feb 2023
The students will learn cocktail making techniques from a variety of professionals who have worked nationally and internationally
6 feb 2023
The aim of the campaign is to encourage commercial activity locally and promote the shops we have in Adeje
3 feb 2023
The partnership has offered a range of courses with the Adeje department for economic development
25 jan 2023
Winning would see chefs from all over the country competing to represent Spain for the highly-prized Bocuse d’Or