Rural Employment Program 2023 concludes

The project employed 14 people to carry out work in gardens, green zones, and the Adeje urban Central Park

19 february 2024
A ceremony was held last week to mark the culmination of the Adeje council Rural Employment Program (PER) 2023.  The event was attended by Adeje councillors attached to the project, management and administration, and those employed as part of the project.
Alberto Álvarez Jiménez, Adeje councillor for Economic Development and Employment, congratulated the participants for their work and encouraged them to continue to engage with Adeje if they needed to, using the municipal employment exchange and guidance service. 
The project was designed to manage the municipality's public heritage resources and resources in a more committed and sustainable manner. To this end, work was carried out in the Adeje urban Central Park, contributing to the creation of a productive forest for the people of Adeje.
Under the plan 14 people were hired to work in the gardens. They carried out various tasks, such as soil preparation and creation of productive systems, conditioning and preparation of the soil for subsequent planting, irrigation, pruning, weeding and reconditioning of roads and trails, among others.
The total cost of the project is €95,623.79, co-funded by Adeje council and SEPE.