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25 jun 2020
An agreement with the University of La Laguna will serve to advance the project in the use of clean energies in parts of the borough, in neighbourhoods, streets or public/private buildings
23 jun 2020
The centre of Adeje town will be most affected by the temporary cuts
11 jun 2020
Diversions are in place from next week
11 jun 2020
Given the state of emergency caused by the Covid-19 virus, the Adeje council extended the payment period for all local taxes
10 jun 2020
The controls are under the Department of Agriculture of the Canarian Government
8 jun 2020
Find a job, find an employee, connect online with Adeje Global
5 jun 2020
The department has also increased its staff with 12 social workers now engaged in giving top priority to the social emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic
5 jun 2020
Details below of a power cuts on June 9th in Adeje