Rodríguez Fraga at Fitur: ''Costa Adeje belongs to everyone. There can't be a five-star destination if it's not in a five-star town''.

Fitur serves as a platform for the presentation of the new strategies and promotional campaign for Costa Adeje

26 january 2024
The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, spoke yesterday at the Spanish tourism trade fair, Fitur, to make an appeal.   "Costa Adeje belongs to everyone and we have to work and dig deep to maintain what we know is and will be an excellent tourist destination. I know that there is also a call for this from the business community, evident this week at the Exceltur forum.  A new way of thinking is evolving because tourism must generate wealth and wellbeing for the local population, not only because it is an ethical and moral commitment, but above all because the prestige and quality of the destination is at stake. There can be no five-star destination if it is not in a five-star town.”
Yesterday Costa Adeje presented the strategic lines for the coming years which continue the work laid down over the last two years, with what the mayor describes as permeation as the driving force.  The strategy launch was chaired by the Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, and the Councillor for Tourism, Patricia Paulsen Fölling, accompanied by Francisco Javier Zamorano, CEO of Compañía Isla Occidentales (CIO). 
Rodriguez Fraga outlined the plan “to grow the tourism value chain in Adeje. Through permeation, we want tourists to travel through the municipality, visit parts of Adeje that up to now have least benefited from their presence, incorporate those parts of Adeje into the tourism value chain. This will allow small and medium-sized economic players earn more, generating new opportunities for more of our residents, which is our primary aim.
"We mustn’t forget our driving goal - that tourism benefits our population, bringing a better quality of life, services, access to employment and training opportunities... but to achieve this we must maintain and continue to promote our economic engine. We must continue to negotiate, attract new investment, improve our infrastructures, our public spaces and services. We must continue to renew ourselves so that we do not die on the altar of past achievements", commented the mayor of Adeje.
For her part, the tourism councillor, Patricia Paulsen, kicked off the new Costa Adeje promotional campaign, Costa Adeje x365_motivos. "Today we have presented the new promotional video inspired by our core values, showcasing concepts and ideas, where the sensations generated by a visit to Costa Adeje are the protagonists. We don't have just one reason, we have hundreds of reasons to visit Costa Adeje, and that's where the new slogan x365_motivos comes from". 
The music for the video is an original composition, inspired by the destination, by prestigious composer cellist Miguel Jaubert, from Tenerife, winner of several international competitions and a Grammy nominee in 2021 and 2022 (film music).
Actions for permeation
When Costa Adeje speaks of permeation it is referring to concrete projects and actions, such as the recent building of the Adeje Auditorium, located in the old town centre.  With a diverse and attractive programme, the aim is to attract the interest of both residents and tourists, inviting them to enjoy quality culture in a unique setting.
The completion of the Plaza de España, the recovery of the Casa Fuerte (listed now an official BIC, building of cultural interest), the Central Park, a green corridor with pedestrian and bicycle areas and the Mobility Plan, are other of the key strategies on which the council has been working for several years to promote, among other things, this desired transition between the tourist and residential areas.
Among the short-term objectives are the reintroduction of a Tourist Police and the continuation of the completion of the coastal walkway. In addition, the council has a plan to avoid the stagnation of the destination with the permanent improvement of infrastructures, roads, green areas, the 26 km of beaches, as well as an increase in parking areas around the municipality. 
At Fitur the objectives of the Adeje team have been to that the main message has been delivered and received by those involved in the sector and the national media – that Costa Adeje is a destination and a municipality in constant evolution, always working to optimise the resources generated by tourism in the best possible way, generating wealth and opportunities for the people of the municipality.