Costa Adeje awarded the SEGITTUR distinction

The councillor for tourism, Patricia Paulsen, says the council are proud to have received the recognition

26 january 2024
The Adeje tourism councillor Patricia Paulsen Fölling was on hand in Fitur to receive a SEGITTUR distinction, awarded by the Secretary of State for Tourism, to Costa Adeje.  "This is the first step for Costa Adeje to be certified as a Smart Tourism Destination (DTI)" she explained. 
"For several years, Adeje Town Hall has been immersed in the process of the digital transformation of our destination through this initiative, which aims to promote sustainable development of tourism, ensure a good holiday experience for tourists, and improve the wellbeing of residents. Although we are still in the implementation phase, we are very proud to receive this recognition, and of the positive results we have obtained in the evaluation. We plan to complete some of the planned actions before the end of the year," said Paulsen Fölling.
This diagnostic programme is of great importance, as it allows the municipalities to know their progress through the DTI axis, propose measures to improve and correct identified aspects locally. The process involves the detailed analysis of 261 indicators, each requiring a corresponding justification. This is a multi-departmental job, across each area of the council.
In the national ranking, which includes 78 municipalities that have participated in this diagnosis, Costa Adeje is positioned at number 15, doing particularly well in the field of innovation, where it ranks fifth nationally, and is in the Nº1 spot regionally.  This distinction represents a preliminary step before achieving the full Smart Tourism Destination Certification.

Smart Tourist Destination Programme
The Smart Tourist Destination programme is a project promoted by the Secretary of State for Tourism (SETUR) and managed by the State Company for the Management of Innovation and Tourism Technologies (SEGITTUR), which aims to contribute to improving the competitiveness of tourist destinations and the quality of life of their residents by focusing on five areas of action: governance, innovation, technology, sustainability and accessibility.
This initiative, which evolved from the National and Integral Tourism Plan 2012-2015, creates the appropriate mechanisms to facilitate the rapid incorporation of innovations in destinations.
The Smart Tourist Destination is defined as an innovative tourist destination, consolidated on a cutting-edge technological infrastructure, which guarantees the sustainable development of the tourist territory, accessible to all, facilitating the interaction and integration of the visitor with the environment and increasing the quality of their experience in the destination and improving the quality of life of the resident.