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12 jun 2020
There are no salt carpets this year
30 may 2020
This plan is to support a sector that is particularly vulnerable during the state of emergency, and which represents 2% of the GDP of the Canarias
29 may 2020
The council is continuing to ask the public to use common sense so that the beaches and bathing areas don’t become infection zones
15 may 2020
The library will be open to the public soon, and there are also a number of online platforms users can access
13 may 2020
A short look at this relatively new part of Adeje, based on historical research and personal interviews. Unofficial translation
7 may 2020
The object of the initiative is to construct, instruct, promote and make visible a creative project where traditions and today’s reality come together
5 may 2020
Adeje Council wishes to inform you:
30 apr 2020
There will be a motion brought to the next council meeting stating that the provision of culture is a primary necessity