Adeje’s ‘La Pasión’ updated!

A new dialogue scene between Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and other women, as they walk together, has been added to the presentation

27 march 2024

A new dialogue scene between Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and other women, as they walk together, has been added to the presentation

The Passion of Adeje is one of the most unique cultural events and identifies the municipality, is one of the acts in which more people in the town participate. This year around 300 amateur actors and actresses are involved, in addition to the technical and logistical personnel who contribute to this representation taking place year after year.

Under the direction of Laura Marrero, with Freya Jaen and Conrado Diaz as artistic directors and the staff of the Adeje cultural department, technical operators, those responsible for props, scenery, costumes, hairdressing and makeup, this is a big productions and also includes input from the communications team from cameras, photography to the editorial team, social networks, web and radio.

‘La Pasión’ will be broadcast nationally by 13 Television, at regional level by Canary Television and Mirame Television and throughout Tenerife on Canal 4 television, Radio Sur Adeje 107.9 FM and the Adeje council’s own social networks.

The staging of this work, lasting almost two hours, takes place in the Calle Grande and Plaza de España in Adeje, beginning in the Plaza de la Cruz del Llano, at 12 noon, where the Last Supper takes place. Along the Calle Grande, scenes depicting the last moments of Jesus' life follow one after the other. Among the most significant scenes are the trial in front of Pontius Pilate, Herod, Judas’ monologue, the prayer in the Garden of Olives, Jesus’ meeting with his mother near the end, in the Plaza España, where two crosses are already raised in with the incredible Barranco del Infierno (Hell’s Ravine) as the natural backdrop. In the centre the third and last cross will be raised, where Jesus, played by the actor Yehosua Treviño, will speak his final words. The Virgin Mary, played by Ana Oneida Borges Medina, remains at the foot of the cross.

This year, the role of women takes on added importance, with the inclusion of a new scene where the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene, played by Daura Moreira, talk with other women as they walk up the road.

The parable of the shepherd and the sheep also takes centre stage in this year’s performance, and there is new dialogue between the Virgin Mary and Jesus, who asks his mother to believe in the task entrusted to her. In the same scene, the father of Tabitha, a resurrected child, thanks Jesus for bringing her back to life. Mary Magdalene also speaks with Jesus who relates the parable of the lost sheep which inspires Mary Magdalene, who has returned to Jesus’ flock, to sing.

The scene of the apostle Peter's denials has been extended both in length and in the inclusion of other characters, which will enable a better understanding of this part of the plot, in which Peter's sense of guilt at his betrayal of his master Jesus is revealed.

Claudia and Pilate also have an additional scene, and a new stage at the Santa Úrsula church, with Pilate played by Elías González, and Claudia, played by Silvia Méndez.

There have been new costumes too, thanks to Cristian Alayón, new breastplates for the guardians of the temple designed by "El Marqués LARP Shop". Makeup is by Ondani García and Agustín Padrón, hair by Víctor Padilla, who also plays the part of the Devil.