Adeje is working to promote coexistence and citizen participation

The aim is to highlight the cultural richness of the more than 120 nationalities that live in peace together in our municipality, thus strengthening community ties between people

1 april 2024
Adeje’s council’s department of Citizen Participation and Coexistence, under councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, has designed a programme that will enable the municipality to become a benchmark for participation and coexistence, promoting diversity and strengthening community ties, and highlighting the cultural richness of the more than 120 nationalities that live side by side and in harmony Adeje.  
The project is based on three axes: Adeje Asesora, Adeje Convive, and Adeje Participa (assessment, coexistence, participation) with mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga commenting that the project “marks the commitment of Adeje to diversity, active participation, and enhancing our social fabric".
Councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera added that the programme “will be accompanied by a new corporate image with a dedicated image, slogan and updated website.”   A virtual multicultural welcome guide called "Friendly Adeje" will be launched as part of the programme so that new residents will have updated information about the municipality.
The first axis, assessment, will focus on support and advice to cultural, religious, sports, educational, neighbourhood and social associations, as well as local fiesta commissions, the goal being to facilitate the administrative management thus enabling the groups to focus on their main mission: to enrich community life.
The second axis, coexistence, is a comprehensive programme with three projects: "Walking for life": with trekking trails of different levels (high, medium and low). "Cuarentour": an innovative coexistence programme that will include cultural, gastronomy, leisure and travel activities to help keep community connections viable,  and the "Laboratory of ideas": a space where people can contribute with their own ideas and create new initiatives, workshops, activities and projects.
The third axis, participation,  aims to enhance participation through the creation of a participatory website where people’s ideas will be welcomed and collaboration on projects will be encouraged.  Within the framework of this axis, a school of participation will also be created with training for associations on matters such as organisation and management, in addition to generating training for the different intercultural associations.
The creation of a specific WhatsApp channel called  “Adeje espacio de convivencia“ promoting participation, with those subscribing in receipt of information about the project activities is also envisaged.