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15 jun 2021
The course is taking place in the CDTCA from June 28th to July 2nd
28 may 2021
The park will open three days a week for the time being
24 may 2021
There is a variety of courses on offer including sales leadership and online management of social media
20 may 2021
The member associations are promoting unity of purpose at the annual travel fair
17 may 2021
A specialised team will be visiting participating businesses to carry out the analysis aiming to boost performance through new technologies
14 may 2021
The Adeje job centre will be managing job vacancies generated by the new shopping centre being built, due to open in September
11 may 2021
The students are taking part in an alternative employment course organised by the CDTCA
5 may 2021
Interested persons will learn the process and strategy needed to create their online presence and sell their product digitally