The AMTC stands with the Canarian Government

The member associations are promoting unity of purpose at the annual travel fair

20 may 2021
The AMTC, the Canarian association of tourism boroughs, has joined the Canarian regional tourism area in unity at FITUR, the Spanish tourism trade fair, which is taking place in Madrid this week.
The association have given added importance to the need for a united front and a unity of purpose this year in the sector, and are standing with the regional government in plans for the immediate future in tourism.   
Mayors and councillors from the 13 member boroughs are in Madrid for the event, talking to members of the industry about the future of the sector in the Canaries.   In particular they are looking at the demands of the new age of digitalisation and sustainability, projects that are already underway, and for which they will be applying for the newly created Next Generation EU funding, a EU recovery package to support member states hit by the Covid19 pandemic.