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28 apr 2020
The Adeje department of youth created over 150 different online elements on a Youth Space platform during the quarantine period:
28 apr 2020
Yaiza Castilla, the regional tourism minister, has been talking to the tourism boroughs about the protocols that need to be agreed before we reopen the islands
27 apr 2020
UTE Ascan Torrabonaf has three teams working morning, noon and night
27 apr 2020
The AMT, the national tourism borough association, met with Minister Maroto
23 apr 2020
The initiative hopes to remind people of the joy of reading
21 apr 2020
The Heritage department of Adeje, with Councillor Juan Desiderio Afonzo Ruiz, have been looking back at plagues and illnesses that have affected Adeje over the centuries
17 apr 2020
The Canarian Tourism Boroughs Association wants to access the budget surpluses – over €600 million – to counter the effects of the crisis
16 apr 2020
Adeje’s residents will be able to check in real time what businesses are open or closed, the services they are offering, delivery options, where they are, opening hours and payment facilities