The La Palma volcano features in the university opening ceremony

The Tourism Degree, based in the south campus of the ULL enters its 10th year with 160 students

25 october 2022

The Adeje Convento was the setting today, October 25th, for the solemn opening of the Tourism Degree course held in the south campus of the ULL, in Adeje. The inauguration was presided over by the ULL rector Rosa María Aguilar Chinea, Adeje’s education councillor María Clavijo Maza and the head of the tourism department at the university, José Adrián García Rojas. The inaugural address was given by Román Casillas Ruiz, from the department of animal biology, soil science and geology, ULL.

The Adeje councillor said that “the inauguration was indicative a new opportunity for knowledge, for education, for discovery. The Adeje campus nurtures its students who have been able to take advantage of a university campus nearer to home to further their studies”. Adeje, she added, was always here “as a meeting point between the university and our society.”

The rector said that this year the start of the academic year saw the world full of uncertainty, but that they were working to offer university students the best opportunities. She also praised the evolution of the relationship between the university and Adeje council which had led to the establishment of a permanent degree course and campus here.

The rector continued, “both the crisis produced by the pandemic and the war remind us that we are living in a world of change, and it is vital that we support the different sectors in society. We need students who think big and act locally, young people who are aware, talented, with values”. She added by saying we needed to commit to a more sustainable tourism too and the university was offering courses and proposals in this regard, in alliance with Adeje.

The inaugural address by Ramón Casillas Ruiz addressed the 2021 volcanic eruption in La Palma, with a detailed and through chronology of the events leading up to the event and the after-effects on the surrounds.