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18 jun 2021
Writer Elsa Punset is the invited inaugural speaker
17 jun 2021
Permission may be granted for private and controlled bonfires
16 jun 2021
Following the full tests, the four beaches submitted by the council for approval were awarded this important quality certificate on Troya I and II, El Duque, and La Enramada beaches
15 jun 2021
The course is taking place in the CDTCA from June 28th to July 2nd
11 jun 2021
"we are beyond horrified at this dreadful news..."
10 jun 2021
50 swimmers are taking part in an accredited pre-Olympic event this weekend in Adeje
9 jun 2021
The entries were on the theme of clean water, “Agua limpia”
9 jun 2021
Adeje Equality Council in solidarity with the mother of Anna and Olivia