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21 jun 2024
The aim of this initiative was to provide guidance on healthy eating, emotional wellbeing, physical activity, social relations and the prevention of tobacco consumption
20 jun 2024
The centre is being renovated and will be doubling its capacity from 90 to 180
19 jun 2024
La Tijera offers two nights of free showcase shorts
18 jun 2024
The work carried out by the staff focused on improving the urban spaces of the municipality
17 jun 2024
The deadline to request authorisation is June 20 for San Juan and June 25 for San Pedro
14 jun 2024
A hundred people attend the talks of five top class speakers
12 jun 2024
Among the speakers is the well-known neurosurgeon Jesús Martín Fernández, a specialist in awake surgery for brain tumours
11 jun 2024
The university classes, in Adeje, will run from July 22 -26, with 12 courses and 6 workshops