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3 jun 2022
The Canarian tourism borough association was meeting in Pájara in Fuerteventura
3 jun 2022
Councillors Raquel Rodriquez Alonso and Manuel Luis Méndez Martin headed up the event
1 jun 2022
The exams will be held from June 8 to 11th in the Las Torres Pavilion and the Centre for Citizen Participation in Las Nieves
31 may 2022
Celebrate the end of this year's sporting season
31 may 2022
The mayor says the club are a great example to the borough
31 may 2022
The event is taking place on June 3 and hopes to help create new job openings in the sector
27 may 2022
The obvious ruinous state of the building and surrounds has lead the administration to move to rescue the historic monument which is an official BIC (construction of cultural interest)
26 may 2022
The library and the Co-working zone will be available for students who wish to study