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22 feb 2023
Following 11 months of training students have been awarded a number of professional certificates
21 feb 2023
The aim is to improve commercial zones in the borough’s tourist area through the introduction of new technologies
21 feb 2023
The project is a tool to help the education community work on series of activities and use available resources
17 feb 2023
How do you see tourism evolving in Adeje?
17 feb 2023
The students called into the Convento, the Santa Úrsula Church and the Fort House
16 feb 2023
The main work of the lab is to guarantee the quality of the water supply in the borough
15 feb 2023
This new book brings together new research and information on the cultural riches of the borough
14 feb 2023
The students in training were able to visit the bars and restaurants in the hotel