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17 aug 2020
“The involvement of all relevant bodies – councils, federations, Cabildo, regional government – is essential”: Adolfo Alonso
11 aug 2020
From this Monday Adeje is accepting new registrations for sports and other activities
19 jun 2020
The Benjamín Adeje A and B, Alevín B and C from the Adeje School of Football and the Chenet infants group have won this prize, now in its 6th year
17 jun 2020
Registered users will receive an SMS in the coming days offering an appointment for renewal times
14 may 2020
Those who have paid the second half of the year can opt to have that as the first payment of the next sporting year
7 may 2020
After 7 weeks indoors deciding to go out and exercise has risks, so a few precautions for the general population have been outlined by the national sports council
5 may 2020
Adeje Council wishes to inform you:
29 apr 2020
There are 4 phases on the road to de-escalation of the Covid-19 confinement