Sport without barriers is a reality in Adeje

The ”Atletas sin Fronteras” (Sport without borders) association has created a number of sports, culturla, education and social harmony workshops in conjunction with Adeje, in the Los Olivos centre for special needs

30 october 2021
Adeje council’s Department of disability, under councillor José Antonio López Delgado, in conjunction with the “Atletas sin Fronteras”/Sports without Borders associaiton, has initiated a number of workshops in the Los Olivos Centre for Special Needs. The project, "Atletas ConVive" (Athletes in harmony) introduces a series of sporting, cultural, education and social harmony based workshops.   These are designed to help develop social inclusion skills and personal autonomy among the centre’s clients.
Activities will be carried out in groups of 10. Says the councillor, “We have learnt from our experiences during lockdown,  how to create links to different parts of the community, reinforcing the self-confidence of many of our regular visitors to the centre, and using retrospection to reinforce positives learnt during quarantine”. 
The workshops will be led by the association’s volunteers alongside athletes who live with some form of disability and who used sport as an instrument for personal growth and then evolved themselves into successful and recognised sportspersons. 
Some of the sports that will the practised will include Boccia, yoga, indoor football, adventure sports, wheelchair sports, and other adapted games,