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15 may 2020
The library will be open to the public soon, and there are also a number of online platforms users can access
14 may 2020
Those who have paid the second half of the year can opt to have that as the first payment of the next sporting year
13 may 2020
Open to everyone regardless of age or level of studies
13 may 2020
A short look at this relatively new part of Adeje, based on historical research and personal interviews. Unofficial translation
12 may 2020
The budget incorporates €14.6 million to fund the fight against the crisis generated by the pandemic, and was approved by all except the PP representative who abstained.
11 may 2020
Funding for employment programmes and help for small business and the self-employed will increase by 270%, for education and training by 75% and social emergency by 35%
7 may 2020
The object of the initiative is to construct, instruct, promote and make visible a creative project where traditions and today’s reality come together
7 may 2020
After 7 weeks indoors deciding to go out and exercise has risks, so a few precautions for the general population have been outlined by the national sports council