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24 mar 2020
Mass in Adeje this Wednesday
23 mar 2020
Care of the elderly in Adeje is adapting and reinforcing services given the new circumstances
20 mar 2020
The initiative is from the Adeje department of youth, and works to encourage young people to be more active at home during the Covid-19 crisis
20 mar 2020
The blood donation point in at the Escuela de Seguridad y Convivencia de Adeje, in Calle Beneharo
19 mar 2020
The work began on Tuesday and is being carried out by workers from the municipal services section (EMSA), UTE Adeje Ascan Torrabonaf and the UME
18 mar 2020
18 mar 2020
Donating blood is allowed by the authorities and will help keep the blood reserves from dropping too low
18 mar 2020
If you are a victim of domestic violence your local pharmacy can help