The regional tourism minister commits €4 million for tourism destinations

The AMTC is the Association of Canarian Tourism Boroughs

18 july 2020
 Yaiza Castilla, the regional tourism minister, met with Jose Miguel Rodrigiez Fraga in his capacity as president of the Association of Canarian Tourism Boroughs (AMTC), and committed €4 million to health security measures in tourism destinations in the islands.  Also present were the vicepresident of the AMTC, Onalia Bueno, and the president of the FECAM tourism commission Emilio Navarro.
The minister outlined the restructuring of the regional tourism budget to allow for financing aid for the creation of new health practises in tourism destinations as a result of the coronavirus. 
Rodríguez Fraga underlined that this was a priority for the island, “given the huge amount of uncertainty we’re facing in the tourism industry”. There was also reference to the need to recover connectivity to the destination. The junior minister for tourism, Teresa Berástegui, told the meeting that her department was also prioritising funds to recoup air connectivity following the ‘zero’ arrivals months the islands had experienced. It is also hoped that European funding can be acquired to help in this regard. 
Castillo also encouraged boroughs to present sustainable development projects to her department which can be part of the presentation for European social funding.